Sobre Mi

There are many words to describe a person, less to describe a photographer and no words to describe anything when you desert the verbal expression for the visual one.
 I used to work as an interpreter for nearly ten years, so now you can see why I turned to photography. One gets tired of anything, as I did of unceasing talking.
A search for answers led me to Asia where I spent four blissful years (so far the best ones). But as I said, one gets tired of anything, as I did of the Paradise. One morning I opened Google Maps and after too short of a pondering said to myself it was time to move. Nomad once, nomad forever. And I went to Barcelona to study photography.
My nomadic bug found me there in three years and now I live in the mountains in Catalunya province. Very much recommend a visit, by the way. But enough talking, just look. The images will tell you all you want to know about me, if you have mastered the art of seeing with closed eyes.
Giulia J